Do I need a Realtor to buy a brand new home?

In our area there is quite a bit of brand new construction going up. We are often asked if we are able to help people purchase those types of homes as well, and the answer is YES!

Just like buying any other type of home it is to your advantage to be represented by your own Realtor. Again, there is absolutely no cost to you and in fact we are aware of all the builders incentive programs they offer you that sometimes the sales staff is not the most forthcoming to disclose up front. Programs like free appliances, or free material upgrades or help with closing costs, etc.

The key with these purchases, if you plan on buying new, is we have to be with you the first time you go there, or at least be with you the first time you “sign in”. If you are bored on the weekend and happen to go check out a few new homes and later decide months down the road you may want to buy new, they will not let us help you at all.

So a good idea is the next time we are out, if you think buying new might be an option for you, let’s go around to every potential builder you may possible consider and sign you into all of them so you are protected in the future!

If you would like a list of brand new constructions homes in your areas of interest, send me a quick reply message and I will get a list sent out to you.

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