TOP 5 questions to ask an agent before hiring them on your purchase

The great thing about the buying process is you are able to select any agent you would like to work with, and there is zero cost to you for the representation. Buyers agents are paid directly from the sellers of the property you decide to purchase. The down side that we see, is because buyers agents are “free” to the buyer we all too often find that the buyers are not receiving the quality representation and strong negotiation that they should.

Most home sellers interview 3 agents before selecting the one they choose to hire. Why should buying be any different?

I have selected the TOP 5 questions you should ask any buyer’s agent before selecting them to represent you.

1) Are you part time, full time or all the time? (make sure this is not a “side gig”)

2) How many transactions have you sold in the last 12 months? (a good agent will close 2+/mo)

3) How long have you been selling Real Estate? (experience is key, but time on the job does not always = experience. Look for track record i.e. question #2 - if closing are low in the last 12 months and time on the job is high, might not be the best fit)

4) What type of technology do you have in place to ensure I am seeing all available homes when they come available?

5)Do you have any strategies you use to make sure I am able to get the best deal possible?

 Also be sure to check online reviews, such as Yelp, Zillow, Google, etc.

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